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Drinks & Concoctions

August 27, 2011

Wine Cocktail: White Peachy Bloody Mary

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White Wine Peachy Bloody Mary

In Alabama, cold drinks are mandatory near the close of each work day…or maybe I should say just somewhere around 3 pm, when the day is at its hottest… and its humidest (and this is what humidity does to your brain in Alabama).

Several factors influenced the ingredients in this particular drink:

  • I had just driven through North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia with my dad, where ripe peaches were everywhere.
  • Earlier in the summer, I drank a fabulous tomato-hot pepper-peach-white wine cocktail at Palmina Winery and wanted more.
  • I had just transported some beautiful cherry tomatoes grown in my friend’s garden from North Carolina.
  • My personal Alabama chef had left me plenty of cilantro and lime, left over from his lovely grilled salmon dinner and his breakfast frittata (read about brunch in Alabama here).
  • It was hot. And humid. And nearing the end of the day – ok it was afternoon and that’s good enough.

So, in the high heat and humidity of this Southern afternoon, I had the idea to mix fresh tomato juice, muddled peaches, lime, simple syrup, cilantro and Sauvignon Blanc into one good-lookin’ tall drink of wine. Or do I mean good-lookin’ tall drink of water? The wine or my chef? I forget now, it was so hot.

Rosé Wine Peachy Bloody Mary

I also tried it with a dry frizzante Rosé (which is slightly sparkling) above, that I got from a visit to Raffaldini Vineyards in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley. I loved the color of this one, and the small bubbly feel. (You could get this effect in the white version using a little club soda.)

Whichever version or combination you choose to create (get more ideas here), it’s sure to cure all your ills. But it certainly won’t help your grammar.


Drinks & Concoctions

May 15, 2011

Mom’s Margarita Wine Punch

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Margarita Wine Punch

Ever since I found a cake stand that doubles as a punch bowl, I’ve been excited to serve wine punch like my mom used to do back in the ’70s. I remember her as fabulous in her polyester pant suit, hair piled high, serving pretty punch in a gorgeous glass bowl at parties my parents sometimes threw. I love this Margarita Wine Punch because it tastes like a margarita, but is made with wine, my favorite drink.

She sent me this recipe so I could have a great punch at my party too; it’s great for Cinco de Mayo, outdoor summer events, or any weekend when you crave a frosty Mexican beverage.

Margarita Wine Punch Recipe – from Sunsest magazine sometime in the late ’70s

In a punch bowl, stir together:

  • 3 6-oz. cans thawed frozen concentrate for limeaid
  • 1 12-oz. can thawed frozen concentrate for lemonade
  • 1 bottle (75 ml.) cold dry white wine, such as Chablis or Chenin Blanc  (total of 9 C. wine)
  • If desired tint with A DROP OR TWO of green food coloring.

Shortly before serving add an ice ring or ice cubes. This can be mixed in a large bowl and served in a pitcher (or pitchers).

If desired set out a bowl of salt and a bowl of lemon or lime wedges so guests can rub glass rims with citrus wedges and dip in salt before adding punch.

Makes 3 quarts.

I actually doubled the wine in the recipe, as the limeaid is very tart and needed cutting. Very dry wine works best.

Now all I need is a fabulous summer pantsuit.

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